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Fall Hours

Open: 730am - 5pm

PLEASE note: no bread on tuesdays & Wednesdays

Need directions?

In our Farmstand you will almost always find most of our products and a few extras. Apologies in advance if we are out of stock on any items. Interested in our organic certification?


Oh, it is wonderful. We have a full range of certified organic bread every day excepting Tuesday & Wednesday.



The natural rind of this blue cheese encases a yellow hued paste that acts like warm butter on your tongue.

Bluebird Reserve

Aged for at least six months, Bluebird Reserve becomes smoother, creamier than its sister cheese, Bluebird, and within it you will find last summer’s fruity notes of apricot and plum.


Bright, grassy cheese that smells of freshly tilled earth and has a creamy layer topping its dense cake like center.

Mix Tape

This is our cheesemakers special and changes every week.


The delicate yet pungent paste of this washed-rind cheese has a beautiful, thick, soft yielding texture.


A wonderful hard cheese in the alpine style.



Happy Chickens = Happier eggs. Our pastured chickens produce lovely certified organic eggs.


Beef & Veal

Certified organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised beef and mother-raised, pastured veal that contain no antibiotics and no added hormones.


You have never tasted pork as good as our certified organic, whey-fed, pastured pork.


Raised on our pastures, lamb is usually available mid-summer into fall.

Raw Milk

Certified organic, raw milk from grass-fed cows. Beautiful.

Veggies, Fruit & Flowers

In the spring you will find veggies from asparagus and peas, on a hot July afternoon you could come across fresh garlic and zucchini just bursting to be sliced and grilled. In August grab a beautiful bouquet of farm flowers for your summer dinner outside and in the colder months there are greens. So many greens.



Our Farmstand also has some fun extras you will definitely want to snag when you come and visit us

- V. Smiley Jams

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