the BAKEry

Offering Bread in our farmstand everyday excepting tuesday & Wednesday

(our baker has to sleep sometime, right?)

All cold fermented over 18-24 hours, our certified organic breads use wild yeast and regionally sourced ingredients. Created and hand made right here on the farm Christian makes all of our sourdough breads using a stretch and fold technique. Based on European traditions our bread has an open crumb, tangy flavor and a thick crust.

Our artisanal breads are crafted using a number of different preferments including leavens, polishes and sponges. These different methods allow us to develop different flavor profiles in each of our breads. Each day we offer a baguette, a boule and a Japanese milk bread. There are often other great bakery finds in our farmstand and if you are lucky you will find a challah on Friday.

CSB Program

Twelve weeks of wonderful, certified organic bread made for you right here on our farm.

coming soon!

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