a delicate blue cheese

certified organic


Briny and streaked with the colors of the sea, it’s only natural that Bluebird would come from Martha’s Vineyard. This roughly eight pound square of raw milk blue cheese is most like a mild Stilton. Aged At least 60 days The natural rind encases a yellow hued paste that acts like warm butter on your tongue when young and bit more picant, lactic and salty as it ages.


The moderate blue veins are “like a wistful note from out of the sky” or so John Burrows, author of its namesake, might describe it. A mature Bluebird is pleasantly salty with something lurking below. At times it boasts strong yeast notes like a good sourdough or the grounded flavors of green veggies. The aroma of Bluebird brings thoughts of summer - of mowed lawns and the scent of sun and salt on your skin. It is down-to-earth in every sense of the phrase and so lends itself to many applications. We love to eat Bluebird paired with something sweet: jam, a barely wine or a sweet Prosecco.


Eat More Bluebird.

your mom will thank you.