Although Bluebird is the third certified organic cheese added to our repertoire, we always felt compelled by our environment to make a blue. Briny and streaked with the colors of the sea, it’s only natural that Bluebird would come from Martha’s Vineyard. This roughly eight pound square of blue cheese is most like a creamy Gorgonzola before it goes full Dolce. The natural rind encases a yellow hued paste that acts like warm butter on your tongue. 


    The moderate blue veins are “like a wistful note from out of the sky” or so John Burrows, author of its namesake, might describe it. A mature Bluebird is pleasantly salty with something lurking below. At times it boasts strong yeast notes like a good sourdough or the grounded flavors of green veggies. The aroma of Bluebird brings thoughts of summer - of mowed lawns and the scent of sun and salt on your skin. It is down-to-earth in every sense of the phrase and so lends itself to many applications. We love to eat Bluebird alongside a nice malty beer or melted atop a beautifully grilled steak.