certified organic

raw cow’s milk blue cheese

Briny and streaked with the colors of the sea, it’s only natural that Bluebird would come from Martha’s Vineyard. This roughly eight pound square of certified orgainc, raw milk blue cheese. Aged At least 90 days The natural rind encases a yellow hued paste that acts like warm butter on your tongue when young, and bit more picant, lactic and salty as it ages.


The moderate blue veins are “like a wistful note from out of the sky” or so John Burrows, author of its namesake, might describe it. A mature Bluebird is pleasantly salty. At times it boasts strong yeast notes like a good sourdough or the grounded flavors of green veggies. The aroma of Bluebird brings thoughts of summer - of mowed lawns and the scent of sun and salt on your skin. It is down-to-earth in every sense of the phrase and so lends itself to many applications.


Certified Organic, Raw Milk from our own cows


At least three months


A mature Bluebird is pleasantly salty with hints of butter. At times it boasts strong yeast notes like a good sourdough.


Bluebird's yellow hued paste is subtly streaked with the colors of the sea that surrounds Martha’s Vineyard.


Bluebird's texture is yielding and soft. Not completely crumbly, it does boast tiny crystals that delight the senses. Please allow it to rest at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before serving.

Serving Suggetion

We suggest slicing a fresh green apple horziontally and sevring a bit of Bluebird on top of the apple. The crisp sweetness of a green apple compliments the richness of the cheese. If you would like to be more decadent: slice a baguette, butter it with unsalted butter, place a smear of Bluebird on top of the butter and then a dal of figgy jam to finish of this luxurious little bite.

Paring Suggestion

Bluebird is best served with a 10 year port or a sweet Sautern; non-alocholic choice would be a cold fizzy muddle of summer berries and seltzer.