aren’t they just the best?!?


Pigs who drink whey

We think our pigs live the happiest lives pigs could hope to live. Drinking whey from our creamery and lounging in the woods - its a great life. Some of our piggies are Gloucestershire Old Spots. This is a heritage breed that was originally developed to be an orchard pig; they were bred to roam around in the orchards to clean up the downed fruit without rooting up the trees. They are funny, friendly, docile and intelligent pigs who love a good belly scratch.

We have about ten acres of oak woods dedicated to our pigs who enjoy life there year round. Because our wonderful pigs have so much room to roam around in they spend the days doing what they love most: eating until their bellies are full, snorting around and wallowing in the mud. They are fed delicious whey from our dairy every day and gorge themselves on acorns in the fall. Our pigs are treated with care and are always happy to see us.