the creamery

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In the weee small hours of the morning the creamery crew rises. As they drink a hot cup of coffee and chat about roller blading they move fresh milk from bulk tank into the cheese vat and the magic begins. In the creamery we create several farmstead cheeses. They are aged in our the caves where we pamper them and care for them before they head out the door for you to enjoy. We love them and we know you will too.



Not an easy sport. Not for the easily discouraged. Not for the weak. Cheesemaking is a physically and mentally demanding job. One mistake and instead of a bloomy rind you have something that is definitely NOT a bloomy rind cheese.

Our cheeses are made by bringing fresh milk into the creamery from the farm early each morning. It is warmed and cultured and rennet is added for coagulation. At this point, the curd is cut and slowly and carefully stirred so as not to damage it. Hand-ladled into molds and flipped several times, the cheeses spend the night resting in the creamery. Once brined or hand salted, they are transferred into the cave where each cheese is lovingly flipped, washed and cared for every day before leaving the farm.

How did it all begin?

We began making cheese in the spring of 2011 and soon realized that you must be a sort of milk whisperer. Cheesemaking takes an intuitive knowledge of milk and time. The patience and understanding of cheesemaking is much like being a parent. You caress it, you protect it, you help it mature and when you think it is ready you send it off into the world knowing it will shine. Enter Joe and David.

For the love of cheese

The art of cheesemaking requires that you get up in the early morning hours before the sun rises and stay up late into the evenings washing the dishes and making sure everything is ready for the next day. You must love this work. The real joy of a cheese maker is the smile on the customers face. When someone says ‘Oh you make my favorite cheese? You are my hero!’. It is a labor of love. Thanks to Joe & David our milk becomes delectable cheese.