Chapter Three: Moving Milk


It was cold; the earth frozen solid and still dark outside when Joe opened the pipeline to move milk into the cheese vat. I’m bleary-eyed, but Joe is at his most cheerful this early in the morning I don’t know how that is possible - I haven’t even had coffee yet. I didn’t think to grab a cup when I was with Asa.


There’s a lightness to the air in the creamery this morning. Joe, David and I are all abuzz to create something new. We know we want the shape of a large square wheel for Bon Anniversaire, so we pull out the Bluebird molds. We open up a small fridge in a side room where Joe stores the cheese cultures - he pulls out a mix he’s put together. This mixture is an homage to Prufrock, our award winning eight ounce, washed-rind cheese.  But Joe has added a bit more funk. He empties the culture into the vat.

2019_Chapter3_Farm and Creamery_Dec 2018_443_009.jpg

As the contents of the vat warm, the scent of fresh milk and warmed butter rises up through the air. As the milk warms, we laugh and clean.

2019_Chapter3_Farm and Creamery_Dec 2018_651_005.jpg

There is always cleaning to be done, but we soon decide to take a break from the creamery, head over to the employee kitchen for coffee and share a bite of stale donut left over from the day before.  I really needed this cup of coffee. Isn’t it time for second breakfast yet? I look at my watch. Nope. Not even 8am.

Sincerely, until next time when we will give the milk a little culture,


Molly Glasgow