Chapter One: A Farm Out at Sea


Welcome to our farm.

The story of your Bon Anniversaire begins here.

(you might have to click the play button twice on this video)

Ten years ago when Eric, my husband, and I first saw the farm; desolate, gray, and covered in a thick blanket of hoof-trodden snow it didn’t look much different from the way it does today; the road straddled by vine-ridden trees, corn silos, and the odd tractor here and there. But I knew. I knew like you know about a good peach in the height of summer: I knew that I had stumbled across a piece of land so majestic and beautiful, my first sight of it will never leave my mind.


If you turn down our road now, it’s still bumpy and plain; this time of year, you’re even liable to find it covered in snow. In the summer, you could drive by it en route to the beach, and never know what you’ve missed. But, if you do turn onto our dirt road, you’ll begin a journey that will connect you with the land, the soil, and some really funky cheese.


Every morning, I am reminded of this farm’s beauty and all that it gives. Each day is busy; between the winter’s cutting winds and the warm, lofty air of  summer, there’s little time for rest. The cows are milked twice a day; the pigs, sheep and chickens all constantly in need of attending; so grabbing a moment to experience the beauty of the land is sure to bring any of us -- Molly, Eric, Joe, David, Asa, Elizabeth, Carla, Ethan, Christian, Chelsea and Caitlin - a sigh of joy and relief. We are a group dedicated to your food and through that, we share with you a morsel of joy from out here on our tiny island.


Bon Anniversaire. Limited edition. Certified organic, raw milk, small batch washed-rind cheese. Funky. Bold. Oozy. Stinky. Buttery. This is the farm where it comes from. Until Bon Anniversaire Chapter Two: Morning, enjoy.

Yours Truly,


Molly Glasgow