in the alpine style

certified organic


what do we do with all that lovely fall milk? The cows are out on the best pastures of the season and the visitors to martha’s vineyard have headed home. The milk tank is full every morning and so we make riprap.


In the style of the great alpine cheeses comes RipRap, our certified organic hard cheese. In the cheesemakers in the alps take the summers milk when the cows are out eating all the different grasses and flowers and create a cheese that will last them through the winter. This is exactly what we do.

RipRap begins production in September and doesn’t come back out until the following May. Only available in the farmstand this cheese is a simple yet flavorful cheese. Eating a grass-only diet, the herd’s milk becomes infused with the flavors of the pasture through these fall months.

We brush these cheeses each week to knock of over growth of the rind but we really do like the natural rind that forms when these cheeses are aging in our caves. This hand made certified organic cheese is unique not only because it is lovingly made on Martha’s Vineyard but also because the changes in the pastures seasonally gives subtle changes in our milk. Those subtle flavor changes are transferred into our cheese.


Eat More RipRap.

it’s great.