Certified Organic

Why on earth would we go through the hassle of certifying this farm to be organic? It is important to us that our land, our animals and our products give back to humanity - not take away. Being certified organic doesn't let you take the shortcut. As organic farmers and producers we create healthy food and follow sustainable farming practices. We use no synthetic fertilizers, no growth hormones, no herbicides and no pesticides. Did you know that because we are certified organic we are automatically GMO free?


Why Certify?

From the soil up it informs and guides every aspect of what we do with our land. We have seventy-five acres of dedicated pasture for our dairy herd to graze, ten acres of woodland devoted to our pigs and another ten acres of edge. The farm teems with life; not just our animals but all the various birds and butterflies that congregate here and make this farm their home. Here on Martha’s Vineyard it might not be important to every consumer that the local food is certified organic. Fact is, once our products leave this beautiful place and go out into the world being certified organic allows our customers the knowledge that the food they are purchasing enriches not only their lives themselves but also the land we all share.


A little bit about what we do

When it's not Winter on the farm we employ a system of intensive rotational grazing whereby our animals are moved daily from pasture to pasture throughout the season. This insures that the soil is always improving by way of animal fertilization and that there is not a need for harmful inputs. We also spray our pastures with raw milk on a regular basis throughout the season to continue improving the microbial activity of the soil. In addition, we routinely foliar feed with a mineral rich mixture that nourishes our grasses and soils to creates nutrient dense forage for our animals. We believe these combined efforts create a wonderful environment for our animals and for us to live happy, healthy lives.

We work with Baystate Organic Certifiers and they have helped guide us along the way. Please visit their website as they have great resources for the general public.