Fruits & Vegetables

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    Who doesn't love a warm peach pick right off the tree? The juice flows over your hand as you bite into it. Lovely. So incredibly lovely. All of our fruit is certified organic and if you are lucky you will get your hands on some of our sour cherries this summer! Look for those this July in the farmstand

    Want to learn all about pruning? We are offering an orchard pruning class. Check it out here on our classes webpage.



    We offer vegetables of all varieties in our farmstand on a first come basis from our garden. Everything we grow is certified organic. In the spring you will find asparagus and peas, on a hot July afternoon you could come across huge garlic and some zucchini just bursting to be sliced and grilled. And then there is August with heirloom tomatoes just waiting to be slathered in freshly made mayo. December brings us surprised dried herbs and if you are lucky the new year will bring winter leeks. Come on over and see what treats await!