1st place winner for American Farmstead Cheese at the American Cheese Society 2016 awards. 3rd place winner for American Farmstead Cheese at the American Cheese Society 2017 awards.


The delicate yet pungent paste of this washed-rind cheese has a beautiful, thick, soft yielding texture. Toasty and nutty with hints of tropical fruit and sour cream: when ripe this cheese has a slightly salty and savory flavor. Its delectable texture melts on your tongue. 

Over the first several years we had been developing cheese and waiting for our milk to take us to where it wanted to go. To talk about our cheese we must first talk about our milk. The farm produces the most lovely raw organic cow’s milk you have ever tasted and we believe that our herd of twenty-five grass-fed cows are the reason. Eating a grass-only diet, the herd’s milk becomes infused with the flavors of the pasture through the different seasons. We found that the mild and damp climate of Martha’s Vineyard, where the air is perpetually permeated with a salty tang, was the perfect environment for a washed-rind cheese. It was from this discovery that we began to research other washed rind cheeses and found that our Prufrock is much the same as cheeses from the coasts of Ireland and France.


How it's Made

Prufrock is made by bringing fresh milk into the creamery from the farm early each morning. It is warmed and cultured and rennet is added for coagulation. At this point, the curd is cut and slowly and carefully stirred so as not to damage it. Hand-ladled into square molds and flipped several times, the cheeses spend the night resting in the creamery. The next morning the cheeses are placed in a brine bath for salting. Once brined, they are transferred into the cave where each cheese is lovingly flipped and washed by hand every day for six weeks before leaving the farm.


The End Result

The final result is a supple and stinky cheese known as Prufrock. The rustic orange rind that has developed in the cave encases a delectable soft paste that is golden in color. This hand made certified organic cheese is unique not only because it is lovingly made on Martha’s Vineyard but also because the changes in the pastures seasonally gives subtle changes in our milk. Those subtle flavor changes are transferred into our cheese.