why are we certified organic?

Why on earth would we go through the hassle of certifying this farm to be organic? Because it is important that to us that we can show that we really do walk the walk. It is important to us that our, land our animals, our products and we give back to humanity - not take away. Being certified organic doesn't let you take the shortcut. As organic farmers and producers our focus is always about creating food that provides health to our customers and doesn't take away from their health. Our customers know that our products are clean. No synthetic fertilizers, no growth hormones, no herbicides and no pesticides. Did you know that because we are certified organic we are automatically GMO free? Yes, thats right, all certified organic products must be GMO free.

Here, on the island of Martha’s Vineyard it might not be important to every consumer that the local food is certified organic. We are lucky because we are able to know all the farmers personally. Fact is once our cheese and meats leave this beautiful place and go out into the world being certified organic allows our customers the knowledge that the food they are purchasing enriches themselves and the land we all share.

We work with Baystate Organic Certifiers and they have helped guide us along the way. Please visit their website as they have great resources for the general public.