You have never tasted pork as good as our certified organic, whey-fed, pastured pork. Our Gloucestershire Old Spots are fed whey from the creamery every day and in the fall they get to gorge themselves on the acorns that fall from our oak trees. This yields a sweet and luscious meat with a richness unknown in today’s grocery store pork. We like to raise our pigs a bit larger than most commercial farms and in doing so our pork develops a lovely layer of fat around a moist and flavorful meat. Every year we are asked for a pig for the Boston Cochon555 event. We have participated in this event every year and always receive accolades from the chefs. Delicious and nutritious, it is certified organic and the tastiest swine upon which you will ever dine.

Where can I get some of that???

Where can I get some of that???

Our farmstand 


The West Tisbury Farmer's Market


Look for specials at:

7a Foods - West Tisbury, MA

State Road Restaurant - West Tisbury, MA

Art Cliff Diner - Vineyard Haven, MA


Goodies include:

Hot Italian Sausage

Sweet Italian Sausage

Thick-Cut Bacon

Pork Chops

Fat Back

Pork Belly


Ham Hocks


Pork Butt Roast

Pork Shoulder Roast

Full head

Feet (great for thick stock gel)

Pork and Veal Bratwurst Sausage