Our pastured eggs are the yummiest eggs you will find anywhere. At least that is what everyone tells us. Our chickens roam freely from their mobile houses that are moved around the farm every day. Because of the variety of bugs and grasses our hens get in their diet, the yolks of their eggs turn a deep shade of golden orange. This richness is apparent in everything from a simple fried egg to pancakes to pasta. 

Real pastured eggs have:

Real pastured eggs have:

- 5 times more vitamin D

- 2/3 more vitamins

- 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids

- 3 times more vitamin E

- 7 times more beta carotene than regular store bought eggs

No wonder the yolk is orange! 

Where can I get some?

Where can I get some?

Our farmstand 


The West Tisbury Farmer's Market


Look for specials and ask for them by name at:

7a Foods - West Tisbury, MA

State Road Restaurant - West Tisbury, MA

Art Cliff Diner - Vineyard Haven, MA